Elite Little Dog In-Ground Dog Fence Review

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Some people prefer to have a small pet dog rather than a big one. They want it because it is more adorable and cute rather than dogs that are too big. But just like the dog owners who owns big dogs, they also experienced trouble in looking for their tiny dogs because of its size. That is why some company created an in-ground dog fence for tiny dogs. Its systems is somehow similar to other in-ground dog fence.

Elite Little Dog In-Ground Dog Fence


  • Compatible for indoor pet fence – it is compatible with any radio fence for you to easily keep away your dog from your things or any areas of your house.
  • Tiniest collar – the elite receiver collar weighs only 2 ounces and is the lightest and smallest collar that are available. It is really designed and suitable for tiny dogs.
  • Regular contact points – the in-ground dog fence has a standard length of contact points. It is good for any kind of dogs that has a short and average coat lengths. But if you own a dog that has thick and long hair you need to use a longer contact points.
  • 25 acre dimensions – the dog fence system has the capability of running up until 25 acres of area. The switch in the transmitter lets you to manage the strength of transmission at the right level that is best for your installation.
  • Suitable to other petsafe collars – one of the considered best features of the in-ground dog fence systems is its compatibility that makes it to be suitable for your households even you have different sizes of your pet dogs. You can also install the pro-grade system with the use of the receiver collar that are included in your kit for your tiny dogs and for your large or medium dogs, you can add stubborn collar or deluxe receiver collar. Knowing the fact that you can control the correction levels separately, you can now personalize every correction strength for your dogs.
  • Boundary width that are adjustable – mostly, the width of your boundary is about 3 to 5 ft. but you can adjust the boundary zone of your little dog from inches until 10 ft. reliant to your pets probability of running and the quantity of space you need in order to play with your dog or dogs inside the boundary line.
  • The system also include test light tool, 14-gauge wire, heavy duty surge protection module, 14-gauge twisted wire, dog fence staples, 2 wire splices, 50 boundary marker flags, dog receiver collar, standard contact points, owner’s manual and RFA- 188 3-Volt battery.

Knowing the fact that tiny dogs usually want to play inside or outside the house with people or with their toys, this kind of in-ground dog fence is really the best for tiny and even medium size of dogs. When you use this kind of electric fencing, you will definitely make your pets happy because they have the freedom to run and play even in limited areas only.