Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Fence Review

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Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Electric Fence For DogsHavahart Radial Shape 2 Fence is a Wi-Fi based fence that is also a decent and stable boundary intended for dogs. This electric fence system has the capability of handling two dogs at a time maximum. And for about the years, large collar’s quality has been questioned so they have recently redesigned which improved it a lot.

This is the most advanced containment system which is really easy to use and it is economical. It is also the first wireless system offering an area that will be expanding from 40 to 400 feet which is up to 11 acres having optimal results. It is close to 20 times more of the roaming areas than being provided by some leading brand. Maximum distance’s optimal results are independent on a direct line that is unobstructed of the sight between fence boundary as well as the system controller that can contain a maximum of two dogs. This dog fence is combining the breakthrough technology with a compact, stylish controller. It is really easy to install without the need to dig in your yard.

For about an hour, you will be able to have your fence up running and starting to train your dog. For the Radial Shape 2 wireless fence’s best success , you have to be aware that the siding of aluminum and the massively wooded areas that are enclosed in the boundary are not going to work with the this system. Furthermore, the metal sheds and hills/slopes, extensive landscaping, metal garage doors and metal down spouting may be presenting some challenges to the system. All of the systems are facing the same challenges.

To install and secure that your dog is in your yard with freedom to play, Havahart made it with features that is creating a circular boundary that is adjustable from 40 to 400 feet in all directions from the controller. You need to keep in mind that obstructions will be causing the fence boundary to be different than that of the path walked. It also has an LCD screen which can be read easily on the controller letting you set the distance of the boundary and you can customize the correction levels of the collar. It is designed to be tone-only correction which has five static correction levels. The waterproof and rechargeable can be used in dogs with the neck sized ranging from 14 to 26 inches which is a nylon collar that is heavy-gauged with the snap buckle closure.

The collar batteries have to be recharged for every 1-3 days which depends on the activity level of the dog. You can buy another collar that you can use if you have 2 dogs. This system is especially designed for any breed of dog that is older than six months and would be weighing for more than 8 pounds. The success of the system will still depend on the appropriate placement of the flag and complete training of the dog with the flag line. You will then have a worry free life while your dog are also enjoying its freedom.