Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence

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Motorola have been providing outstanding wireless technology for almost 20 years, and now they have developed an electric fence for dogs that doesn’t need any wires. It is very flexible so you can use it as your invisible fence for your backyard or you can also make use of it as your rechargeable powered battery containment solution during your quick tips or vacations. One of the best things about this dog fence is it is so easy to set-up and to use, the only thing you need to do is to plug it in and it will already work. You can even bring it during your travel because it has the capability to last for 36 hours.

This kind of system can also be used while you are training your dogs in your backyard or in other places, using it is very effective. You can also choose from 15 levels of stimulation so you can use the best level that fits to your pet dogs depending on their attitude and behavior, and it only shows that this kind of electric fence for dogs is really safe for your pets so there is no need for you to worry about their safety. This kind of system is also rechargeable throwing the collars with low battery is not necessary because you can charge it everytime its battery dies. Its feature is really helpful for the owners to save money that are supposedly meant for buying new dog collars. The system also includes 50 pieces of 10 inches of boundary flags to help you and your dog during the training period. It can also be used as a warning for your pet dogs’ everytime they are near the boundary lines you have made and making it more easy for them to adapt to their trainings. Another main and important feature of the system is the RF technology that has 2.4 GHz and a correction mode that includes vibration, 15 levels of corrections, and a warning tone that are also helpful in teaching your dogs to stay away from the boundary line and to stay at the boundary zone. The operational span for training your dog is 100m and 30m is for the dog fence. So your dogs have enough space to play, run and walk around, they will surely enjoy their freedom even they are inside the boundary line of the dog fence. Another nice thing about the system is its portability, you can bring it when going to different places with your pet dogs without worrying about the things you need to bring because it is portable. By its feature, you can definitely enjoy every place that you and your pet dogs will be doing.

So if you are one of the dog owners who loves to travel to places with their dogs, this dog fence system is really the best for you. You can bring your pet dogs anywhere you want without worrying about losing them while you are traveling.