Perimeter Ultra PCC200 In-Ground Fence Review

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Perimeter Ultra PCC200 In-Ground Fence

As household owners, one of your duties is to make everyone safe and secured in your homes which include your beloved dogs. Not only that, it also includes your responsibility to make the people going around with your dog safe. That is why Perimeter Wireless Fence is the perfect one for you. It will offer Wi-Fi technology through its amazing yet new features which allows you to further maximize the effective functions regarding with your canine.

Its Features

If you are going to compare it with the other kinds of wireless dog fence system, this would definitely give you much better and larger capacity. It is different because it is utilizing a certain rechargeable as well as water proof kind of collar. In addition to this, this one is being run through the two batteries which make it more effective and efficient for your canine in your homes. It is advisable for the dogs that weigh over 20 pounds. Its batteries are situated right on the base part. It also has back up battery which serves as the perfect additional feature most especially in times of switching of your batteries.

With the help of this feature, it already gave the edge over other wireless electric fencing for dogs available in the world of market. Perimeter electric fences for dogs typically measures approximately 200 feet. Moreover, it also lets two-way communication system among the transmitter and the receiver. This is an essential thing in providing your dog such warning particularly if they do reach boundary zone by means of giving them a warning sound. It is also keeps the owner alert about the distance of your canine away from its transmitter.

However, this system can only accommodate two dogs at a time. This only implies that when you exceed on that number, the more chances that it will suit and meet the needs of your dogs. Although it has large capacity however, the specific radius can truly affect the wall as well as metal sliding and also with the other hindrances. In connection with this, one must also face the inconsistency and dead spots as a problem. This may lead you hassle and stress as your pets would walk through along the way without you knowing about it.

As a final thought, Perimeter Wireless electric fences for dogs is exclusively designed to further enhance the features and create it as one of the excellent choices for those people who have more than one and even two dogs in their houses. Having this larger capacity, there’s a big possibility that your digs can indulge and enjoy wider space as well as feel much more comfortable that you could imagine. This is advisable for those who have larger properties since they it have less tendency that they it contains obstacles. Its reliability and efficiency will still depend on how you are going to handle it. Just be aware that you are aiming to train your beloved dogs on the most convenient and comfortable way and not because for your own sake.