Sportdog SDF-100A In-Ground Fence Review

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Sportdog SDF-100A In-Ground FenceIf you have big dogs and large land properties and wishes to have the right fence for your dogs, the SportDOG in-ground fence is the best for you. It is a reliable and solidly built system that are geared near big rural belongings and medium to any large dogs. Its collar can be used in water and can’t be destroyed by your pet dogs when they swim with it in their neck. The collars size is pretty bulky and big, so it is really the best for the dogs who has a neck that is larger than 13’’, plus the settings for correction are strong enough for dogs that are under 20lbs. Luckily, the collars of the SDF-100A in-ground are also well-suited with the fence system, so you can also find a collar that that is suitable for dogs that are 5lbs up. The correction settings are also exceptional for every dog in the system and is fixed in the transmitter to prevent fiddling with the pin-sized controls that can be found at the collar itself.


  • The fence is the only fence systems that contains both short and long contact points that are included to the fence equipment.
  • The collar of the in-ground fence have five advanced correction setting plus vibration and tone. Each of the collar in the system may have their own exceptional correction settings, there is also no limitation to the quantity of collars that will be used with the fence.
  • The collar is also waterproof. It is designed for all the big dogs and can be used many times by your dogs in while swimming. It has no external controls or buttons that can let the moisture in, even its battery compartment needs a screwdriver to open it.
  • The transmitter of the fence can be installed to control either 10k or 7k frequency. It is really useful when your neighbor also have an electric in-ground system. When a two electric in-ground systems are operating with the same frequency and it is too near to each other, it may cause an interruption or it can even cancel their own signals.
  • This kind of fence is absolutely the one and only fence system that are available in the market that has the capability to handle large properties. Its transmitter is also capable of running until 100 acres, and it’s even twice the capability of the second largest system.
  • Because of the fact that the in-ground system is geared to big properties, its transmitter contains a terminal that can be used for grounding wire. The house that are in the area that are prone to lightning and has a big installation usually prefer to set up grounding rods to secure their from any lightning strike that can hit their transmitter.
  • It is also really well-matched with the collars of 4 PetSafe in-ground fence. Its cross compatibility is actually important for people who owns a smaller or even sensitive dogs because the collar of this fence is bulky and big, and is not suitable for any dogs that weighs 20lbs under.

The SportDOG in-ground fence system is proven to be an effective, comfortable and safe electric fence for dog training for all the dogs over 20lbs. The system functions by making radio signals from the transmitter up to 8,600 ft. of the line in the boundary, the radio signals will serve as the warning for your dogs if they are about to cross over the fence.