Stubborn Dog In-Ground Dog Fence Review

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Stubborn Dog In-Ground Dog Fence is the best choice if you want something for your dog which has low pain sensitivity and at the same time larger breeds. The title, Stubborn, often causes misconception about the product. It is not a kind of fence which is specifically developed for your stubborn personality of your dogs. This type of fence increases the strength of setting of the correction into 50% compared to  ordinary electric fences for dogs which makes it one of the best options for those people who have fighting and guardian breeds such as Akitas, Pit Bulls and German Shepherds. The system itself is very powerful and requires constant care in using it so you can prevent abusive correction use. This is great for the homeowners for the different sizes of dogs.

Its kit includes:

• Test light tool
• 2 waterproof nuts and wire splices
• transmitter
• Instruction Manual
• receiver collar with the standard prongs
• 50 boundary flags
• 9-volt collar battery
• Pro-grade 14-gauge wire measuring 500 feet
• pro-grade dig fence staples
• Pro-grade heavy duty surge protection module

The features of the collar:

Stubborn Dog In-Ground Dog Fence• Compatibility with the Petsafe Indoor Zones
The collar of the stubborn dog include compatibility in the Petsafe Indoor Radio Fence which let the owner dog-free places within your home through the help of the same boundary system as well as collar on your Stubborn Dog fence. The zone which allows exclusion is being used to create restriction for your pets accessing specific places around your house so you can keep them away from upholstery and furniture.
• Has the strongest available correction
This technology provide additional 50% much stronger correction than an ordinary collar can have since it was specifically tailored for the fighting or guardian breeds which can bear and tolerate pain at its highest rate.
• has five individual correction level which can be adjusted
The stubborn dog collar lets the owner set the correction level in every system work independently. That is why it is perfectly right for the multidog household wherein each of the digs has their own correction strengths demands and needs. Not to mention that even that lowest level of correction is so strong and cannot be recommended for the smaller dogs. Owners must also understand that over correction their dogs can harm or overwhelm their pets.
• large and bulky collar
Though this collar is the largest in the market as of now, but it is also considered as the heaviest one too. This is true without the presence of the stronger correction levels, still it is not an appropriate tool for the smaller kind of dogs.
• Disposable battery

Basically, this type of collar uses generic and disposable type of battery. Though most if the people out there would choose to have a rechargeable battery, but then generic 9 volt batteries are easy to use and available at all times as well as come in cheap prices. Oftentimes, it last for about three to four months, depending on the usage of the buyer.