Yardmax In-Ground Dog Fence Review

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Yardmax In-Ground Dog FenceThis Yardmax In-Ground Dog Fence is probably one of the newest electric fencing for dogs from PetSafe. This one absolutely takes all the best features of all PetSafe other existing system and added has the few of the newest features a well. Yardmax In-Ground Dog Fence claims to be one of the most dense and lightweight collars available on market. This one also manages to the claims of being one that has the highest correction settings along with the levels of individual correction for each of the collar in the system. With regards to that, this one could probably be the great and best choice for most of the breeds and a great choice as well for multi and single-dog households.

Kit inclusion:

  • 500 feet 14-Gauge wire (PRO-Grade)
  • 50 feet twisted 14-Gauge wire (PRO-Grade)
  • Module for surge protection (PRO-Grade)
  • 10 dog fence staples (PRO-Grade)
  • wall transmitter
  • collar charger
  • rechargeable collar
  • training caps and contact points (long and short)
  • probe wrench
  • instruction guide
  • two wire nuts and two splices
  • boundary flags (50)
  • test light tool

The collar features:

  • individual correction

With this feature, you can probably you can now use the Yardmax In-Ground Dog Fence collar effectively for each and every dog weighing over 10 pounds. Also, with this feature, there could be no more match and mix with the PetSafe collars.

  • small and lightweight

This feature can give a lot more of comfort with your pets since it’s just small and lightweight. Moreover, with this feature, this one seems to be very much suitable with dogs as little as having 10 pounds.

  • 5 progressive correction levels

Yardmax In-Ground Dog Fence provides 5 progressive correction levels of setting for each of your dog in the system. Its correction levels vary from medium up to strong.

  • rechargeable

Its collar probably uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It’s charging time only takes 2 hours and right after, you can have its performance enjoyed for about a month.

  • long and short contact points

Yardmax In-Ground Dog Fence system cons with the long and short contacts points along with contact point tool. Its small wrench probably makes the contact point switching easier. The long points are then useful particularly for dogs with long and thick fur.

The transmitter features:

  • Run – through prevention

This is a useful and unique feature of Yardmax In-Ground Dog Fence. With this, your dog will be prevented from running all the way over the boundary.

  • YardMaxTMMode

With this unique space-maximizing feature, you can probably make the most space of your yard.

  • capacity of 10 acre

Yardmax In-Ground Dog Fence can power 10 acres suitable for suburban properties.

Other important and useful features:

  • 500 feet wire (Pro-Grade)
  • 50 feet twisted wire (Pro Grade)
  • heavy duty surge protection
  • ground staples (heavy duty)
  • provides extender 3-year warranty

With the great features that Yardmax In-Ground Dog Fence can provide you, this one could be your perfect solution when it comes to your dog fence system. Moreover, having this one can simply prevent your pets from wandering around as well as with keeping them safe.