Set on keeping your dog within its border, an electric dog fence for dogs keeps your furry friend in by using a radio frequency or a Wi-Fi signal which discourage your pet from leaving its set boundaries. When the dog comes up close to the line, he will hear a tone and feel a vibration in his collar to warn him. If the dog continues on closer, it will receive a mild, electrical charge. For those who don’t want a visible fence, an inground fence is the perfect option. Having an inground system also means that you won’t need to look at unattractive wires.

Kinds of Electric Fencing for Dogs

Inground, above ground and wireless are the three types of electric fence for a dog available. Before you pick out an electric dog fence, first decide which of these three types will meet your needs the best. Let’s have a look at the different options available to you.

Above Ground Electric Fences

Although this version is the least commonly chosen, above ground dog fences work just as well as the rest. You can form the border exactly as you want it, around trees and shrubberies for example. Instead of being buried under the ground, an above ground electric fence for dogs has the wire fastened to the surface of the ground with pins, fence poles and a ground rod. These work just as well for keeping critters out of your garden and shrubberies, as well as keeping your pets inside.

However, be aware that another difference between the rest is that your dog won’t know he is coming close to the wire until he has touched it and gotten zapped. The dog will also not be wearing any type of special collar to accommodate this system. An above ground system works well for those who have rocky ground or who don’t mind the way the wires look in their yard.

Inground Electric Fences

For those who prefer a more discreet look, an inground electric fence is a better solution. They are a very reliable and dependable underground dog fence system, which makes them the right method to make sure your dog stays right with you. In these systems, a wire is buried beneath the ground. This allows the perimeter of the area to be configured any way that you wish.

An electric dog fence for dogs cost is less than you might expect. The finest type of underground fence uses only high-quality aluminum wiring. A closed circuit is created, which is used to communicate with the remote transmitter. With the help of you as the owner administering the right training methods, your dog learns in about a week where the boundaries are and to stay away from them.

Wireless Electric Fences

Wireless electric fence
Wireless electric fence product

A wireless electric fence for dogs provides a consistent fence boundary, in the shape of a circle. This circle is adjustable from 14 feet across to 210 feet, according to your needs. Wireless is the way to go if you want the easiest installation available. Because there are no wires to plant or bury, it provides an effortless set up. Located inside of the home, the transmitter keeps track of your pet’s collar, via a Wi-Fi signal.

Before you are sold on wireless, be aware that they will not work for every home. If you have aluminum or stucco siding on your home, it blocks the signal. Your home must be at least 30 feet away from the street at 30 feet away from your neighbor. You can’t have any sloping in your yard or no tall or dense landscaping or trees can exist there.

Buying an Electric Fence for Dogs

Checking out our electric fence for dogs reviews is a great way to get started on your purchase. Before you decide, several things need to be taken into contemplation. The first is your property size and type. The second is to decide which is compatible to the lifestyle you lead. In addition to the pets you have, consider the cost of each system. If you have more than one dog, be sure to select one that will keep all of them under control. When reading the reviews, check and see which fences are the easiest to set up and are rated as the most reliable.